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Verts Changes Its Name to Noon Mediterranean

It’s a lunch reference

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Pita and bowls from Noon
Pita and bowls from Noon
Noon Mediterranean/Yelp
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Verts, the Austin-born Mediterranean fast-casual chain, changed its name to Noon Mediterranean. The new name was revealed today through the restaurant’s social media channels.

Why? Co-owner and founder Michael Heyne said that people didn't understand the original name, a reference to doner kebabs (which isn’t even available on the menu anymore). As QSR Magazine wrote:

For starters, it was hard to pronounce. Its meaning — Vert also translates to green in French — was pretty much lost on customers. In fact, Heyne says it had a negative impact, since it felt industrial and didn't conjure up any thoughts of food or the culinary angle the brand worked so hard to develop.

The new name refers to lunch time. Noon is also Farsi for bread. This also means a new look, which will apply to the chain's impending locations, as well as some of the already-established restaurants too.

Verts already went through a slight name change in 2016, from the original VertsKebap. The restaurant has also changed the menu a lot through the years.

Verts quickly expanded to the East Coast, with locations in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. The main office even relocated to New York.

The chain had been closing numerous Austin-area locations (South Lamar, near Anderson Mill, Cedar Park, Georgetown), Dallas, Houston, and both of San Antonio’s only two restaurants. There are now only eight Verts in Austin..

Heyne and co-owner/founder Dominik Stein opened Verts in 2011.


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