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Apis Chef Leaves the Spicewood Restaurant

Adam Brick is already working on his next project

Chef Adam Brick
Chef Adam Brick
Adam Brick/Official
Erin Russell is associate editor of Eater Austin, a native Austinite, and a big fan of carbs.

Chef Adam Brick, of Spicewood’s Apis and Pizzeria Sorellina, announced today that he will be leaving the restaurants to start his own venture. Details on what that entails are sparse, but he might be dropping hints on social media.

Brick has been with the restaurants since Apis opened in February 2015 (Pizzeria Sorellina followed in January 2017). In an emailed announcement, Chef Brick said:

My time at Apis, and specifically with [Apis owner and co-chef] Taylor [Hall] has been the most rewarding, sometimes frustrating, but productive years of my career. It takes a lot of work to imagine and build a restaurant of that caliber and with that ambition. I have no regrets.

However, in an interview with Eater Austin in 2016, both Brick and Hall expressed regrets at opening the restaurant outside city limits, so this may mean Brick’s cooking will make its way to Austin proper. As for what’s next, he told Eater in an email:

I owe it to myself as a young chef to take the next step and become a chef/owner and that is exactly what I have done.

In the next couple of weeks I will share with everyone what I have been working on, and what I am very excited to announce.

Brick’s Instagram might hold clues for his next steps. He has recently posted a picture of what looks like a fish fry with the caption “R N D” as well as a series of pictures of sandwiches and bagels with the caption “Cryptic.” In solo pop-up ventures, he has celebrated his Cuban roots, so there are several avenues he could go down.

Apis Restaurant and Apiary and Pizzeria Sorellina were both honored in Statesman critic Matthew Odam’s dining guide, with Apis listed as the 12th best restaurant in Austin.

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