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Board Game Bar Vigilante Pleads for More Customers

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The restaurant has revamped its menu to attract patrons

A slider from Vigilante
A slider from Vigilante
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Business for Vigilante, the board game bar and restaurant in Crestview, hasn’t been great since it opened in February. It’s gotten to the point where the restaurant published a pleading blog post on its website, asking people to frequent the establishment:

[I]t has become clear that Vigilante will close its doors if its current level of patronage continues. While the danger is not imminent, without a course correction it is inevitable.

Vigilante noted that it implemented a few changes to help bring in more business. The crowdfunded restaurant and bar slightly altered its name to Vigilante Gastropub and Games, to make it clearer that it is indeed a restaurant and bar. (This is similar to what South Austin Italian restaurant Juliet did, as part of its menu revamp.)

Then there’s the new menu. Vigilante is veering away from its initial Asian fusion menu to a more regular, old American one. The food lineup includes lots of salad wraps, pizza, and sliders. It also added $5 sake bombs from Texas Sake Company for happy hour, as well as lunch specials.

As for the space itself, Vigilante added larger communal tables suitable for big groups looking to play games as well as a gaming rig for Mario Kart/Smash Bros/Zelda. There are now patio furniture and shade too. There are other planned changes to come.

Vigilante came to be courtesy of Preston Swincher, Flip Kromer, Zack Daschofsky, and Ryan Januszewski.


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