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Olamaie Hosts Biscuits & Barbeque UT Tailgate

An all-star cast hosts pregame charity event on 10/21

Michael Fojtasek, Laura Loomis, Evan LeRoy, Jason Dady.

An all-star team of chefs, pitmasters, and brewers will descend on Olamaie on October 21st for a charity tailgate. The restaurant’s 2nd edition of the “Biscuits and Barbeque” fundraiser is scheduled on the morning of the UT-Oklahoma State game, with proceeds to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs Of Austin.

Olamaie chef Michael Fojtasek will contribute the restaurant’s signature biscuits to the party, while guest chefs and pitmasters Laura Loomis and Jason Dady (Two Bros BBQ), Evan LeRoy (LeRoy and Lewis), and Mat Gonzalez and Kelsey Small (Rattle Creek Meat Co.) will each serve plates of barbecue.

Fojtasek tells Eater than fun and charity are the real reason for the party. “We threw a party called OlaRoy with Evan [LeRoy] last year - it was a blast. I cooked the sides and Evan brought the barbecue. He crushed it - especially the sausage. So I decided to try and do it again this year, but bigger and better.” Fojtasek then curated some additional guests: “I heard of the waves Laura Loomis was making from [photographer] Robert Lerma. I had a line to her through Jason Dady, who is someone I admire. Laura’s story is like mine - barbecue found and consumed her! Also, no field anywhere should be all about a bunch of knucklehead dudes.” Fojtasek adds that there are unlimited biscuits, with the caveat that “I don’t think I’ve seen anyone ever eat more than four. I’d like to see someone set a record.”

Live Oak Brewing will also be on hand with beer, and the football game will be shown on the patio. Tickets are available in advance at $50 via Eventbrite.


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