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Home Slice Handed Out Free Pizza During the Women’s March

150 hungry marchers were fed

Home Slice at the Women’s March in Austin
Home Slice at the Women’s March in Austin
Home Slice/Instagram

Across the world, millions of people joined the Women’s March, rallying against President Donald Trump on Saturday. In Austin, where there was an estimated 50,000, supporting and feeding that cause was Home Slice with free pizza and Smarties candies.

Home Slice’s cheerful pizza mascot handed out slices to marchers, while waving an appropriate sign: "My Pizza Grabs Back," written on the back of a pizza takeout box, naturally.

Two of Home Slice's three owners are women: Jen Strickland and Terri Hannifin, and they wanted to “instill the values of equality, inclusivity, and love into [their] employees and [their] workplace,” they said through a rep. Many staffers were marching already, including Hannifin out in Washington, D.C.

Jeff Mattler, Home Slice’s special projects manager, and Heather Davis, kitchen manager, thought up of the pizza giveaway. “I can’t tell you how many times I heard the phrase, ‘Now I know where Home Slice stands,” said Davis. “I was proud that we were there and happy to stand, however briefly, in solidarity with people who value equal rights and human diginity.”

Home Slice used the pizza costume from its yearly pizza carnival, fashioned by Blue Genie Art Industries. Mettler estimated that they gave away cheese slices to 150 people.

Other local restaurants and shops offered specials for the Women’s March over that weekend as well, including Jo’s Coffee which gave away cups of free coffee to marchers and Wright Bros. Brew & Brew sold dollar coffees.

Home Slice Pizza

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