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Mayor Steve Adler Declares Himself Chief of Austin’s Queso

Glorious cheese

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Pelon’s Tex Mex’s queso
Pelon’s Tex Mex’s queso
John M./Yelp

Austin Mayor Steve Adler declared that being the city’s mayor is like being the mayor of all queso in the city. He shared that and more during a guest spot on cheese dip-loving podcast “I Love Queso So Much.”

The mayor sat down with hosts Daulton Venglar and Bryce Seifert while reviewing the queso offerings from Pelons on Red River. Here are the six tastiest morsels shared by Adler, including his introduction to queso, the limitations of being mayor of Austin’s queso scene, and what queso represents to the city.

1) Pelon’s queso: The Red River restaurant offers two versions: the famous Pelons queso (featuring hatch green chilies) and queso deluxe (with Mexican chorizo, guacamole, and pico de gallo). Mayor Adler tested with deluxe version, which he declared as being “really good queso.” Despite the toppings, he noted that the flavor of the queso really comes through, which “is critically important.”

2) First queso experience: Mayor Adler, originally from Washington, D.C, recounted his first time having queso upon visiting Austin. He stopped at a Mexican restaurant with friends. He ate cheese enchiladas, queso, and was tricked into devouring an entire hot chili pepper.

3) Favorite queso in Austin: When asked to rank Pelon’s queso among others in town, Adler remarked that while it was really good and different, he couldn’t compare it. Being the mayor of Austin — and in turn, he pointed out, mayor of the town’s queso makes it hard to make qualitative comparisons about queso. Comparing quesos would be like comparing his daughters, “which you should never ask a father to do”.

4) Don’t mess with queso: Mayor Adler labeled himself as a queso purist, so he prefers chips that don’t interfere with the cheesy experience, though texture matters.

5) Eating style: How does the mayor eat his queso — slow and steady or as fast as possible? “I go after my queso pretty hard,” he revealed.

6) Austin’s culinary icon: The Mayor summarized queso as a classic food in Austin with cultural importance. Much like Philadelphia's cheesesteaks and Chicago's deep dish pizzas, Austin is characterized by its tacos and queso.

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