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Burro Cheese Kitchen Sends Cease and Desist To Vox Table’s El Burro

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Donkeys are somehow involved

Burro Cheese Kitchen
Burro Cheese Kitchen
Kevin N./Yelp
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Grilled cheese truck Burro Cheese Kitchen wasn’t pleased about the name of Vox Table’s forthcoming new restaurant, the similar-sounding El Burro. So much so that owner Justin Burrows filed a cease and desist against the Mexican eatery over it, according to Austin 360which has transformed into somewhat of a spectacle,

While owner Vincent Manguino seemed amenable to changing the name, according to a letter shared in the case, an unnamed partner in El Burro was beholden to it because of his efforts "to help increase the population of Nubian asses," one of the forefathers of domesticated donkeys. Manguino offered to bring Burrows to the partner’s ranch to talk about the matter. Burrows replied, but never heard back.

Then the story gets stranger, as Austin 360 reported:

Burro Cheese Kitchen asserts, a person dressed in a donkey head costume appeared in front of the Burro Cheese Kitchen trailer on Sept. 4, holding a sign reading, "No cheese! Save the donkey." According to court papers, the costumed person also passed out fliers accusing Burro Grilled Cheese of bullying El Burro and putting the raising of money for the care of Nubian asses in peril. The picketer also passed out a flier with a redacted version of Burro Cheese Kitchen’s cease-and-desist letter.

So Burrows then filed a temporary restraining order on top of the cease and desist. Eater has reached out to both Burro Cheese Kitchen and El Burro for further comment.

Burro Cheese Kitchen opened in 2013, dishing out grilled cheese sandwiches made using aged cheese and Easy Tiger breads from two trucks, one South Congress and other Rainey Street. The name stems from really pricy cheese made with milk from a specific donkey in Serbia. El Burro is Vox Table’s second restaurant within Lamar Union, focusing on easy Mexican cuisine, set to open this fall.

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