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Critic Finds Comfort at Dee Dee Trailer

Austin Monthly trekked to the ‘burbs

Dee Dee food trailer
Dee Dee
Charles Y./Yelp

The Chronicle’s Brandon Watson shared his love for Northern Thai food truck Dee Dee. There, he discovered street food not found in many of Austin’s Southeast Asian restaurants that focus on dishes from central Thailand. Regarding the om gai dish, Watson writes:

The most rewarding foods manage to be wholly singular while somehow universal. My mother may not have cooked anything with the herbal complexity of Dee Dee's om gai, but you can tell it's a dish that gets passed down generations, a dish that kids ask for on birthdays.

In addition to the humble truck reshaping Austin’s Thai offerings, Dee Dee also "traffics in the type of comfort that makes you forget you ever had sorrows in the first place." Didn’t get that promotion? Received a break-up cake (yup, it’s a thing)? Lost your dog? Go to Dee Dee now.

Austin Monthly hit up Oasthouse Kitchen and Bar, a restaurant that challenges notions about dining in the suburbs. The spot distinguishes itself thanks to a "downtown" vibe, wide selection of wines, cocktails, and tapped craft beers, shaded patio, and a conveniently adjacent playscape, not to mention the globally-influenced gastropub fare. Expect German-inspired veal schnitzel, a Texas treatment on fish and chips, and rice flour–crusted calamari with pad Thai dipping sauce:

For the most part, all the dishes I tried were skillfully prepared with layered flavors that are interesting but not overly complex, which is exactly what you’d expect for an establishment serving upscale but relaxed, comfortable fare.

The plentiful selection of shareable dishes make it a destination for groups—including happy hours and of course, suburban families post-soccer games.

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Oasthouse Gastropub

8300 N FM 620 Bldg E, Austin, TX 78726 (737) 222-5779 Visit Website