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Man Drove Off With Stolen Taco Trailer

Because of a stolen cell phone

Karlita's Tacos
Karlita’s Tacos
Sandeep G./Yelp

A man stole a South Congress taco trailer because of an alleged stolen cell phone very late on Friday night, just after midnight.

An employee inside Karlita’s Tacos found on 4140 South Congress overheard Jose Toral Vivero talking about how someone took his cell phone. As a form of retribution, he proceeded to hook up the trailer to his pick-up truck while the staffer was still inside. She went outside to find out what was happening. He told her it was because he thought she called the police, and drove off with the trailer in tow.

Karlita’s owner Oscar Diego called the Austin Police Department. The police found Toral and the trailer at a nearby Walgreen's parking lot two miles away at 6721 South Congress. He was arrested with a theft charge, plus a DWI.

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