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More Details on California Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Chain’s Texas Expansion

Futuristic ice cream arriving this summer

Creamistry's plywood
Creamistry's plywood

More details were released about Creamistry, the California liquid nitrogen ice cream chain set to expand into central Texas. Its first Austin location will open this summer, most likely sometime in late June or early July, according to store owner Rakesh Rawal.

As previously reported, Creamistry’s Austin location will be found within the Oaks at Lakeway complex. Along with nitrogen-cooled ice cream, with organic, sorbet, and vegan-friendly coconut options, the shop also makes nitrogen milkshakes, affogatos, and floats. Flavors range from creamy, fruit, to nutty.

Two other Texas locations are planned for San Antonio, the first of which is set to open at Evans Pointe later this month. The California shop also expanded to Arizona. Creamistry first opened in 2013 in Irvine, with stores throughout California.

There are two other Austin options for liquid nitrogen ice cream closer to downtown. For a taste on the east side, Spun Ice Cream is located on East 7th Street, and if you’re looking for a scoop from a food truck, check out The Science Cream on Barton Springs.

—Max Bonem


1510 Ranch Rd 620 S #400, Lakeway, TX 78734, USA