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Philip Speer’s Garage Bar Menu Wows Chronicle

Nada from Statesman again

Shannon Kitner/EATX

The Chronicle’s Brandon Watson tried the new Philip Speer-led food menu at Garage. There, he finds inclusive dishes and distinctly playful takes on traditional Japanese preparations:

Traditionally, taiyaki are crisped fish-shaped pancakes most commonly filled with sweet adzuki bean paste. In Speer's hands, they become the bread for a chicken salad sandwich ($8). True, said chicken salad isn't exactly something you would see at most family picnics. It's curried, for one, and miso hasn't yet found a permanent place in the American pantry, but there's also a touch of Waldorf in there too with Fuji apples and whole pecans.

Ultimately, the combination of tasteful fusion finger foods and Garage’s forceful cocktails proved victorious in Watson’s eyes. He enjoyed the experience and found this new setting for Speer a fitting destination for the future of Austin’s culinary scene, a perfect example of what he called, "a way forward for independent chefs who may not have the resources to completely go out on their own."

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—Max Bonem


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