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Downtown Bar Adds Grilled Cheese and Mezcal Cheesecake to New Menu

Roosevelt Room’s latest offerings

Roosevelt Room
Roosevelt Room/Official
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Roosevelt Room is launching a new bar food menu starting on Monday, June 20. Offerings will include small snacks like nuts and olives, charcuterie board, and more substantial items like grilled cheese sandwiches and a vegetarian panini. For sweets, there are cheesecake made with mezcal and strawberry or salted almond chocolates. Check out the full list below.

Co-owners Justin Lavenue and Dennis Gobis are slowly introducing food to the bar as a way of testing the waters. They plan on eventually turning Roosevelt Room into a three-story drinking destination called De Rigueur, which will include restaurant components. It’s projected to open sometime in 2017.

Roosevelt softly launched a limited version of the menu earlier last month, but switched vendors and added new options. To prepare all dishes, a new kitchen was built-out next to the bar.

Nearby, Philip Speer teamed up with parking structure bar Garage to create Asian-inspired bar menu with dishes like the Garage Taiyaki, starting in May.

Roosevelt Room’s Menu

Small Fare

Salted, sweet, spiced nuts - $5 (v, vg): caramelized cayenne pecans, savory almonds, cashews; add bourbon and Guinness-glazed bacon - $2

Bread and accoutrements - $6 (v): housemade warm ciabatta and rye with salted tarragon olive oil, honey-balsamic vinegar, and butter

Marinated olives - $6 (v, vg, gf): castlevetrano, kalamata, and cerignola marinated in vinegar with orange peel and red peppers, served chilled

Large Fare

Cheese board - $14 (v): three artisanal cheeses, served with toasted baguette crostini and accompaniments; extra bread - $1

Charcuterie board - $16: three epicurean meats, served with toasted baguette crostini and accompaniments; extra bread - $1

Grilled cheese - $9 (vg): sourdough bread with redneck cheddar, gruyere, and provolone cheese; add bacon - $3; add roasted red bell peppers - $3

Veggie panini - $10 (v, vg): housemade ciabatta with arugula, roasted red bell peppers, caramelized onion, chevre, garlic aioli

Creamy tomato basil bisque - cup $5; bowl $7 (v, vg): roasted tomatoes blended with fresh basil, cream, and dolin blanc vermouth


Strawberry-mezcal cheesecake - $7 (v, gf): mezcal and lime-infused strawberry compote heart on crunchy pecan-praline cinnamon crust

Salted almond chocolates - $4 (v, gf): four pieces, served chilled

The Roosevelt Room

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