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Kerbey Lane Customers Sue Over Baby’s Coffee Burns

They want $1 million

Kerbey Lane on Guadalupe
Kerbey Lane on Guadalupe
Kerbey Lane/Official

Two Kerbey Lane customers are suing the Austin diner chain over burns their infant son suffered because of an alleged improperly-placed coffee cup, as reported by StatesmanThe parents, Carrie and Jacob Thompson, claim that Kerbey Lane is accountable for the incident, which occurred on Friday, January 29 at the Guadalupe location.

The Statesman reports:

A server brought the coffee in a to-go cup with no lid and placed it within arm’s reach of their son, the suit says. The child then pulled the cup toward himself, causing most of its contents to spill on him.

The baby was rushed to the hospital and suffered second-degree burns on his body. The suit, which was filed on Wednesday, names Kerbey Lane and the server as defendants. The Thompsons are seeking $1 million, which would cover medical expenses as well as emotional distress damages.

The Guadalupe Kerbey Lane was the same location where two customers encountered racists comments from other patrons last winter. Eater has reached out to Kerbey Lane for more information; watch this space for updates.

Kerbey Lane Cafe [Campus]

2606 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX 78705 512 447 5717

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