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Chinese-American General Tso'Boy Brings Po’ Boys This June

As part of the Domain’s Rock Rose

Rendering of General Tso’Boy
Rendering of General Tso’Boy
Rendering: General Tso’Boy/Official

Another fast-casual concept comes to Austin with General Tso'Boy. The Chinese-American restaurant will open its doors in June in The Domain’s Rock Rose district with po’ boys, vegetables, soft serve ice cream, and root beer.

Update, June 14: General Tso'Boy soft opens on Friday, June 17 with half-off dishes. The grand debut is on Tuesday, June 21. The first day brings free fortune cookies with every order, filled with coupons for free items.

Founders Jessica and Gary Wu, who are both Chinese-American, proved their concept’s worth in New York City with a flea market pop-up in 2014. Their new mission: bring the "marriage of savory, spicy, and sweet flavors sandwiched in between the soft crunch of French bread" with the first brick-and-mortar shop.

Why Austin? Jessica, who, having grown up in Dallas, isn’t new to Texas, said Austinites’ open mindset was the main draw: "People are so appreciative of, open to, and excited about new ideas." She also flagged the support of local and small businesses as a key value she and her husband share, and noted that "supporting local partnerships and small businesses is something we really believe in."

General Tso'Boy’s General T'so po-boy. [Photo: General Tso'Boy/Official] General Tso'Boy’s General T'so po-boy. [Photo: General Tso'Boy/Official]

General Tso'Boy’s mouth-watering choices of ways to fill the po’ boys, made with fresh French bread sourced from Easy Tiger, will range from mapo tofu (battered tofu steak, spicy chili sauce, Szechuan peppercorns) to pepper beef (shredded Black Angus beef, black pepper sauce) to General Tso’s Chicken (battered chicken thigh, sweet and savory General Tso’s sauce).

In addition, sides like Chinese sesame salad will compete with tried-and-true delicious items like crinkle cut fries made either plain or spiced up, or more modern fare like cheeseburger spring rolls; for dessert, homemade soft serve ice cream will be on offer.

With this addition, Rock Rose’s future continues to look bright, with of some of the city’s top purveyors of food opening up shop there; General Tso'Boy’s culinary competition includes East Side King’s Thai Kun brick and mortar, New Waterloo’s Sway expansion, Jinya Ramen, Velvet Taco, MAD Greens, Mia Tapas Bar, Salvation Pizza, and others.

The Domain

11410 Century Oaks Terrace, , TX 78758 (512) 873-8099 Visit Website

General Tso'Boy

11501 Rock Rose #152, Austin, TX 78758, USA