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Austin's Best Under-the-Radar Barbecue Trucks

Smoke on wheels

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Lone Star BBQ
Lone Star BBQ
Kelvin P./Yelp

Austin is well-known for its barbecue, as evidenced by Aaron Franklin’s international fame. His business had humble beginnings, though, in a refurbished trailer posted in a Cherrywood parking lot. This launched a number of other high-profile barbecue trailers, including Micklethwait Craft Meats, La Barbecue, Kerlin BBQ, John Mueller Meat Co., and Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ. But maybe the lines are too long for those places, and you just really need some barbecue. Eater presents your guide to Austin's under-the-radar barbecue trucks to help you get your brisket fix.

[Photo: <a href="">Erik S./Yelp</a>] [Photo: Erik S./Yelp]

Rollin Smoke BBQ
Location: 1501 East Sixth Street
Specialty: Late night eats.
Try: The Silky Sandwich, a helping of pulled pork topped with spicy homemade coleslaw on a freshly baked bun.
More Information: Official Website

[Photo: <a href="">Laura K./Yelp</a>] [Photo: Laura K./Yelp]

Scotty’s BBQ
Location: 2730 East Cesar Chavez
Specialty: Brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce.
Try: The one-pound dino rib and a side of creamed corn.
More Information: Official Website

[Photo: <a href="">Ed G./Yelp</A>] [Photo: Ed G./Yelp]

Lone Star BBQ
Location: 2323 South Lamar
Specialty: Brisket, pork belly.
Try: The pork belly sandwich and banana pudding for dessert.
More Information: Facebook

[Photo: <A href="">Smokey Denmark's Smoked Meats/Facebook</a>]

[Photo: Smokey Denmark's Smoked Meats/Facebook]

Smokey Denmark
Location: 3505 East Fifth Street
Specialty: Adjacent to the legendary sausage facility, fresh cuts are the order of the day.
Try: Sliced brisket sandwich, a link of boudin, warm German potato salad, and a wedge of the bread pudding of the day.
More Information: Official Website

[Photo: <a href="">Tee T./Yelp</A>] [Photo: Tee T./Yelp]

Kinfolk BBQ
Location: 4611 East Martin Luther King
Specialty: Brisket, pork chops, homemade barbecue sauce (cash only).
Try: Two chopped beef sandwiches for $6.
More Information: Facebook

BBQ Revolution
Location: 2412 Webberville Road
Specialty: Vegan interpretations of classic smokey meats.
Try: Smokey soy curls with a side of mac and cheeze and bacon ranch pasta salad.
More Information: Official Website

[Photo: Croco Stimpy/Yelp]

Wunder Pig
Location: Roving, check website for weekly specials
Specialty: Brisket, ribs, pork, sausage.
Try: Pulled pork plate with creamed spinach and coleslaw.
More Information: Official Website