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Red Mango and Toastie's Sub Shop Shut Down Because of Failure to Pay Rent

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The businesses were locked out

Red Mango and Toastie's Sub Shop on South Lamar
Red Mango and Toastie's Sub Shop on South Lamar
Natalie Paramore

Frozen yogurt chain Red Mango and Austin-based sandwich shop Toastie's Sub Shop on South Lamar are now closed because a missed rent check, as noticed by tipster Natalie Paramore. The businesses were locked out of their respective sites by apartment complex The 704’s commercial real estate firm CBRE in March. Notices were placed on the front doors, which cited that the doors were bolted because of "failure to pay Base Rent and Additional Rent due on February 1, 2016."

Eater reached out to both locations. Red Mango’s franchise support manager Malcolm Chalmers told Eater that the shutter happened because of "landlord and operations concerns." However, he said the yogurt shop is looking for a new location in Austin. Eater has not heard back from Toasties yet.

[Photo: Natalie Paramore] [Photo: Natalie Paramore]

Red Mango's notice. [Photo: Natalie Paramore]

[Photo: Natalie Paramore] [Photo: Natalie Paramore]

Toasties' notice. [Photo: Natalie Paramore]

Red Mango currently has one spot in West Campus. Toasties runs two shops, one on South Lamar and Riverside, and the other on West Campus.

Other businesses in The 704 include Aroma Italian Kitchen and Bar and Crepe Crazy.

The 704

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