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Gardner's Furniture and Fixtures Are For Sale on Etsy

Sorry, the Keith Kreeger pitchers are already gone

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Robert J. Lerma/EATX

If you’ve ever visited Gardner and admired the furniture and decor, here’s your chance to incorporate some of that aesthetic into your home or office. The restaurant, which is closing on March 12, has opened an Etsy shop to rehome the concept’s bespoke furniture and furnishings in order to make way later this month for Chicon, which will look more like its big sister, Contigo.

"We decided to use Etsy because it is the most readily usable online store platform that we could find," says Ben Edgerton, co-owner of EdgeWise, the culinary group he runs with chef Andrew Wiseheart. "It was not reasonable to have people come into the restaurant to purchase things individually, given how much we had to sell. Etsy helps us to outsource the logistical challenges of a sale like this to an online platform."

Among the remaining items for sale are Michael Yates-designed tables ($300), custom-made dining chairs ($150 each), grape vine bundles from France ($500), and various handmade wall hangings ($300). The items will be available to pick up from the space on Sunday, March 13.


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