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Board Game Wonderland Vigilante’s Kickstarter Campaign Is Fully Funded

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With a room straight out of Dr. Strangelove

Rendering of Vigilante's bar
Rendering of Vigilante's bar
Rendering: Vigilante/Official

Vigilante, the anticipated board game beer bar and restaurant, is closer to happening now that its Kickstarter campaign is funded. Over $31,000 was raised in under a month, with two days remaining.

The team also shared renderings for the front bar designed by Horse & Blade. The tabletop will feature a display mimicking, in their words, "an abandoned work station for a 1950s-era Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark," with scattered plans, machine bits, and other elements. They also shared that one of the two private rooms is inspired by the War Room from Dr. Strangelove, where fighting isn't allowed.

Co-founder Preston Swincher told Eater previously, "We're trying to really elevate the gaming in public experience into something new that it's never really been before." This includes custom-built tables made just for board game enthusiasts, unmessy and healthy food, and beer, all designed by crowd-sourced input. Vigilante is expected to open by August in Crestview.


7010 Easy Wind Dr, Austin, TX 78752, USA

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