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Olive & June Reopens, Free Bloody Marys at Craftsman, and More

Plus, free wine and lunch deals.

Oasthouse Gastropub
Oasthouse Gastropub
Oasthouse Gastropub/Facebook

REOPENING ALERTOlive & June has reopened for business following a small kitchen fire over the weekend. [EaterWire]

CHINESE NEW YEAR — In honor of the newly minted Year of the Monkey, Infinite Monkey Theorem has a free glass of wine for you this week (and this week only) if your birthday falls between February 7 through 13. [EaterWire]

BOOZE NEWS — From now through the end of March, anyone (of legal drinking age) who donates blood and provides proof of donation will receive a complimentary Bloody Mary at Craftsman. What's more, all proceeds from Bloody Mary sales through March 31 will benefit the Blood Center of Central Texas. While February and March are the slowest months for blood donations, Craftsman encourages participants to avoid consuming alcohol on the same day they donate blood. [EaterWire]

LUNCH WIRE — Oasthouse Gastropub rolled out a weekday "lunch duets" menu this week. For $10, diners can select two items from a curated list of soups, salads, and sandwiches. [EaterWire]

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Oasthouse Gastropub

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