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Statesman Critic Says June's Readily Proves Its Worth

Chronicle skips the week

Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Statesman critic Matthew Odam thinks that June’s, the all-day cafe from McGuire Moorman Hospitality Group, might very well be the best of the company’s restaurant portfolio. To him, MMH generally understands what the perfect restaurant entails, from the impeccably stylish decor to satisfying yet somewhat pricey food that still hooks diners. It worked on him, after all.

Odam appreciates the way June’s menu offers up a mix of French and American fare mostly flawlessly, paired with excellent service:

That contrast and harmony of French and American is seen throughout the menu. There’s the bulbous chilled artichoke ($16) on the all-day menu (read: after 11 a.m.) that you dip into tangy Dijon vinaigrette. Once you have extracted the meat with your teeth, seasoned wait staff whom you may recognize as veterans of another MMH restaurant whisk it away and return the vegetable’s meaty heart topped with a generous scoop of minerally egg salad.

As with the other six restaurants, there’s a solid cheeseburger, and the breakfast and brunch fare stands out, especially the DIY cured fish board:

Those include one of my new favorite morning plates, an appetizing board ($14) with pastrami-smoked salmon you drape across a poppy bialy that’s glossy like a bagel and pliant like an English muffin and spread with the sea and singe of a tobiko-wasabi cream cheese, a concoction I’m definitely replicating at home.

He does warn diners of its hefty price tag, but that's what comes with a perfectly put-together restaurant.

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