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Kellie’s Baking Co. to Reopen Cookie-Filled Store

Instacookies and decorating parties

Kellie's Baking Co.’s cookies in collaboration with artist Ash Almonte
Kellie's Baking Co.’s cookies in collaboration with artist Ash Almonte
Kellie's Baking Co./Facebook
Erin Russell is associate editor of Eater Austin, a native Austinite, and a big fan of carbs.

Sweet spot Kellie’s Baking Co. will soon begin selling cookies again at 5245 Burnet Road. Forced to close after the Memorial Day floods last year, the new and improved storefront (which also houses its catering branch) will feature seating, coffee and tea, and those famous baked goods.

Update, January 31, 2017: Kellie’s Baking Co. is now reopened.

The storefront will offer many of Kellie’s signature sweets like edible cookie dough (and the option to make it a sundae), “brookies” (thick fudgy brownie cookies topped with caramel and a marshmallow), rotating flavors of cookies, cookie cakes, and cookies stuffed with candy bars. The space will also have room to host decorating parties for birthdays or ladies nights.

Owner Kellie Moore’s sugary catering services have been in high demand all over the country. Her Instabite services — where a sugar cookie is frosted with an Instagram picture to delicious results — are particularly popular at parties around town.

And, on feel-good note for the holidays, Kellie’s Baking Co. partners with nonprofit organizations like Texas Pie Kitchen to hire people who are re-entering the workforce. She noted one particular hire, a homeless vet, who after eight months was able to save enough to buy a car and return to work in the computer field.

While the reopening date is not set in stone, Kellie hopes to complete the work before Christmas, just in time for last-minute holiday cookie needs.