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Gordon Ramsay Gave Away Franklin Barbecue Leftovers

To his Austin driver

Gordon Ramsay at Franklin Barbecue
Gordon Ramsay at Franklin Barbecue
Gordon Ramsay/Facebook
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Gordon Ramsay, the English celebrity chef, made Jimmy Kimmel jealous with his visit to Franklin Barbecue over the weekend. Ramsay came straight from Dubai and did not eat during the flight to prep for the meal. He stopped by the late night show last night and talked about Austin barbecue.

Kimmel asked Ramsay if he ate the entire tray of various sliced meats and sides, and Ramsay bleeped-out "Fuck no." He called the meal "incredible," "delicious," and "brilliant"

Ramsay even broke his no to-go bag rule for the giant barbecue feast. It was the "first time I've taken food away from the restaurant," Ramsay explained. He gave the leftovers to his driver, who never had Franklin Barbecue before, despite living here in Austin.

Kimmel is a noted big fan of Aaron Franklin’s smoked meat works, referring to it as "one of the great dining spots in all of the United States." He asked Ramsay why he thought American barbecue was "so great," especially compared to other countries. Ramsay reckoned it's the all-hours attention at Franklin Barbecue that brings it to a high level.

Ramsay was in town for the United States Grand Prix F1 races. He also had dinner at Emmer & Rye and adored the mackerel dish.

Watch the full clip of his spot on Kimmel live below:

Franklin Barbecue

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