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Alamo Drafthouse’s Quentin Tarantino Specials Involve Stew and Apple Strudel

Blood wasn’t involved.

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Alamo Drafthouse's Tarantino menu
Alamo Drafthouse's Tarantino menu
Heather Kennedy

With the release of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight and the accompanying film retrospective, Alamo Drafthouse is at it again with a new slate of food specials. From Inglorious Basterds is the apple strudel, Pulp Fiction's Big Kahuna burger in cocktail form, and an eight-ingredient flavorful cocktail from the latest film. For the separate Kill Bill feast, there are "eyeballs" (cherry tomatoes) and "hidden guns" (marshmallow). Scope out the full menus below.

[Photo: Heather Kennedy]

Alamo Drafthouse's Kill Bill menu. [Photo: Heather Kennedy]

Trish Eichelberger, the Austin market chef for the Alamo Drafthouse, is also a big fan of the filmmaker. For the menus, she drew inspiration from the films and food-centric scenes. "It’s always challenging to find a relevant special for a movie that has yet to be seen," she said, referring to The Hateful Eight’s vegetarian stew, which she created based off the film’s leaked script. "It was a pleasure to riff on his work," she added.

For Star Wars, the movie theater's menu included Wookiee crepes and Nerf strips. There was the SpongeBob burrito burger, and a gross-out Valentine's Day meal for Cannibal Holocaust, among others.

Alamo Drafthouse's Tarantino Menu

Alamo Drafthouse's Kill Bill Menu

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