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Two Austin Women Want to Start a Vegan Milkshake Truck

With fries for dipping.

The duo behind Milky Way Shakes
The duo behind Milky Way Shakes
Milky Way Shakes

If the Kickstarter gods are appeased, there’ll be a new vegan milkshake truck cruising around Austin before we know it. Moni Burgin and Rachel Horesovsky recently launched a fundraising campaign to turn their dream business, Milky Way Shakes, into a reality.

The pair’s vision for the sweets truck includes vegan coconut milk milkshakes in a variety of flavors and combinations, and French fries, tapping into the deep nostalgia of dipping piping-hot, salty slices of fried potato into a creamy frozen dessert.

Burgin and Horesovsky, who hope to raise $10,000 to seed their project, are longtime friends with a varied background in the food business, from high-end DC chocolate shops to running the (temporarily shuttered) Jalopy food truck here in Austin.

Update, January 28: Burgin told Eater that they "want to fill the milkshake niche" in Austin, since there are excellent ice cream options like Amy's and Lick Ice Creams. To them "coconut milk just makes so much more sense than cow's milk," citing the fact that it can be stored without refrigeration. Ideally, they would like to set up behind Sputnik ("seems natural to park behind a space-themed burger joint") or Spider House.

If funded, Milky Way Shakes will join the ranks of other successful vegan dessert concepts, including Sweet Ritual ice cream, Capital City Bakery, and Skull & Cakebones, who ran a completed Kickstarter to fund a brick and mortar late last year.

(h/t Reddit)