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White Girl Asian Food
White Girl Asian Food
White Girl Asian Food/Facebook

A local food truck called White Girl Asian Food recently came under fire when blogger Angry Asian Man called out the trailer for what he deemed an offensive name and its "oblivious tone-deaf white privilege." First We Feast picked up the hot potato and parsed social media’s reaction to the name, which ranged from outrage with the perceived cultural appropriation to a more blase "what’s the big deal?" stance.

Vice caught up with the titular White Girl, Bobbie Jo Rice, and gave her the opportunity to explain the rationale behind the provocative name, which she also shared on Facebook:

The original name, Com Bun Yeu, implies traditional Vietnamese fare. When rebranding, I wanted to get the point across that our goal was not to make traditional Asian food. I am a white girl cooking my rendition of Asian cuisine. Couldn't think of a name that was more honest and straight to the point.

The Asian food in question includes teriyaki, bulgogi, and Thai basil rice bowls, along with char siu pork, tofu, and bulgogi banh mi sandwiches. Eater wants to know: what do you think?

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