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Statesman Relishes Saffron, Chronicle Declares Wu Chow a "Classic"

Plus, bloggers like brunch.

Rajib J./Yelp

The Statesman's Matthew Odam headed to Northwest Hills to visit Saffron, which he hopes is a positive harbinger of what Austin's dining scene could look like. Sampling from across a menu that "straddles Tibet and Nepal, with one foot in India and one in China," Odam praised the goat curry, Murgh shahi korma, and Nepalese momo dumplings. While iconic Indian dishes like tikka masala and rogan josh are fine, Odam encouraged diners to go for the cuisine's deeper cuts.

Saffron’s achari chicken is the clubhouse leader for my favorite dish of the year. Tangy and spicy, the pliant cubed chicken arrived awash in a puckering sauce made of pickled and dried mangos, with fenugreek wrapping its sweet, nutty profile around notes of ginger, garlic and mustard.

Back in the city center, the Chronicle's Brandon Watson finds himself unable to resist Wu Chow's charms despite some hiccups in service and use of space. Apart from an underwhelming dessert menu, Watson found little to criticize at the upscale modern Chinese restaurant. Instead, he took the opportunity to make the argument that there is a place for elevated versions of this traditional cuisine.

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Wu Chow

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