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The Science Cream, Kicken and Waffles, and More New Food Trucks

3 new meals on wheels to look out for.

The Science Cream
The Science Cream
The Science Cream/Facebook

Austin’s latest crop of food trucks have got your sandwich and frozen dessert needs covered. Let’s start with dessert first.

The Science Cream

Liquid nitrogen-blasted ice cream is the hotness these days, and The Science Cream is churning out funky, inventive flavors like minted beets and pistachio oil on Barton Springs. There’s also plain vanilla, with the option of heaping it on top of brownies and churros or blended into a milkshake.

Holla Mode

[Photo: <a href="">Holla Mode/Facebook</a>]

[Photo: Holla Mode/Facebook]

Thai-style ice cream rolls are the star of the show at Holla Mode on Barton Springs near Zilker Park. Diners choose a dairy base (dairy milk or coconut milk for a buck extra) and a flavor and "chops" (think mix’ins at Amy’s Ice Cream) from the menu, then the mixture is poured onto an anti-griddle that freezes the concoction. The ice cream is then scraped up into rolls and served in a cup.

Kicken and Waffles

[Photo: <a href="">Kicken and Wafffles/Facebook</a>]

[Photo: Kicken and Wafffles/Facebook]

For those who ever wondered what it would be like to have chicken and waffles in sandwich format, topped with homemade jams, Kicken and Waffles is the answer. Available in savory and sweet combinations out on South Congress near St. Edward's.

The Science Cream

, Austin, TX 78704 (512) 986-1281

Holla Mode

1800 Barton Springs Road, , TX 78704 (512) 751-7866 Visit Website