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Kick Drum Burgers, Naan Sequitur, and More Hot New Food Trucks

Keep up with the recent meals on wheels scene.

Abo Youssef
Abo Youssef
Aaron R./Yelp
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Food trucks and Austin go hand in hand, and here are five new ones to check out. There’s burgers, naan tacos, pasta, and more to look forward to.

Kick Drum Burgers

[Photo: <a href="">Kick Drum Burgers/Facebook</a>]

[Photo: Kick Drum Burgers/Facebook]

Opened just this past weekend, Hops & Grain’s latest food truck addition is the new burger trailer. There's the simple signature burger, a spicy one with New Mexico chiles, a vegetarian option, and a rotating special. A tipster said "the burgers and fries were both great."

Abo Youssef

[Photo: <A href="">Abo Youssef/Facebook</a>]

[Photo: Abo Youssef/Facebook]

The Mediterranean trailer owned by an Egyptian couple can be found in the lot of the gas station on 2101 Manor Road. There’s platters full of gyros, falafels, grape leaves, and more. Get the rice pudding and refreshing lemonade.

Pasta Artigianale

[Photo: <a href="">Pasta Artigianale/Facebook</a>]

[Photo: Pasta Artigianale/Facebook]

The Roman owners of the Italian trailer make all of the pasta on 900 East Cesar Chavez. The small menu includes bucatini, rigatoni, and lasagna. It’s open for lunch and dinner, and also offers espresso.

Naan Sequitur

[Photo: <A href="">Naan Sequitur/Facebook</a>]

[Photo: Naan Sequitur/Facebook]

Setting aside the punny name, South First Food Court’s Naan Sequitur’s forte is tacos with a twist. Instead of tortillas, it uses homemade naan bread to house untraditional fillings that range from avocado tempura, smoked eggplant, to sweet potato pork. Also: free beer Tuesdays.

Texas Chili Queens

[Photo: <a href="">Texas Chili Queens/Facebook</a>]

[Photo: Texas Chili Queens/Facebook]

Named after San Antonio’s chili queens, the food truck found in the South Austin Social food truck court serves just that: giant bowls of chili named after different Texas cities. Austin is vegan, Dallas uses venison, and Houston is honored with white chili. There’s also Jello salads and Frito pie.

Hops & Grain

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South First Food Court

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South Austin Social

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