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Hotel Restaurant Geraldine's Hiring 'Foodies' and 'Wine Nerds' for Opening

And "Cocktail Fanatics"

Hotel Van Zandt
Hotel Van Zandt
Hotel Van Zandt/Facebook

Heavily-anticipated eatery Geraldine's already secured a sous chef (former Odd Duck sous chef Stephen Bonin), a pastry chef (former Barley Swine pastry chef Kyle McKinney), and chief of bar operations (Jennifer Keyser, formally of Contigo), but now its looking to fill in the front-of-house and back-of-house gaps.

Geraldine's posted a link to its Facebook page to a call for "FOODIES, WINE NERDS, & COCKTAIL FANATICS." The upcoming restaurant's stated mission is to "bring home a James Beard Award!" With this search for staff, Geraldine's should be nearing an opening date.