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Tibetan Momo, The Ginger Armadillo, Song La, and More Hit the Road

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Keep up with the recent meals on wheels scene.

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Eye of the Thai Girl
Eye of the Thai Girl
Eye of the Thai Girl

Food trucks are what keep Austin running, and here are nine new ones to hit up. There are different takes on cuisine from Thailand, Texas, Tibet, and more.

Tibetan momo

[Photo: Yelp/Rachel L.]

Perhaps the only Tibetan food spot around, Tibetan Momo food truck serves its namesake fried and steamed. Momos are type of dumpling or potsticker served in Tibet — traditionally with yak meat — but in Austin, they come in ground beef and vegetable varieties.

backdraft pizzeria

[Yelp/Amanda S.]

Mustachioed mobile kitchen Backdraft Pizza brings thin crust pizza and thick, doughy waffles to Austin. The truck offers 11" specialty pizzas and build-your-own choices, all baked in an 800° oven.

song la

[Photo: Song La/Facebook]

Song La is a food truck dedicated exclusively to traditional Taiwanese street food. Co-owners Aleksandr Karpets and his Taiwan-born wife Shirley Yang, thought Taiwanese food was woefully underrepresented and wanted to bring it to Austin. Song La will feature pork belly buns, braised pork fried rice, tofu fries, and bian dang, (think bento box).


[Photo: Garçon's/Facebook]

At Garçon's, you'll find French bistro classics served from a food truck. Choose from dishes like a seared duck breast salad or salmon niçoise. The full menu is available online.

yinz hungry

[Photo: Yelp/Keelee Q.]

Yinz Hungry offers comfort food for the masses, from funnel cakes to chicken nuggets and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. It's a bit like fair fun food, but from a truck. Visitors to the mobile kitchen love the low prices.

rolling rooster

[Photo: Rolling Rooster/Facebook]

It's all about that fry at Rolling Rooster. This mobile kitchen offers fried fish, fried shrimp, and fried chicken — with a waffle, naturally. Look for the Rooster if you're craving the Southern favorite chicken and waffles.

Ice Scrapers

[Photo: Ice Scrapers/Facebook]

Are regular frozen treats too boring for you? Try a colorful concoction from Ice Scrapers — perhaps a carrot cake sundae or Fruity Pebbles ice cream. This food truck is fun for the whole family. Lactose intolerant? Try one of the many flavors of snowballs.

THe Ginger Armadillo

[Photo: The Ginger Armadillo/Facebook]

The Ginger Armadillo (yes, the chef is a redhead) serves "elevated Texas cuisine." Look for lengua tacos, Frito pie, and a Lonestar BLT.

Eye of the thai girl

[Photo: Eye of the Thai Girl/Facebook]

If you love puns and food trucks, then give newcomer Eye of the Thai Girl a try. This food truck hit the road last Wednesday, but the traditional Thai fare is already a hit on Yelp (ok, they only have one review, but it's five stars.