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The Early Word on Southern-Influenced Stella San Jac

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Read on for the good and bad news on food, decor, and service.

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Stella San Jac
Stella San Jac
Stella San Jac

"Austin-American" restaurant Stella San Jac opened last month in the Westin Austin Downtown hotel. There are biscuits, deviled eggs, and fairly positive reviews. Read on for the early word on newcomer Stella San Jac.

The space — "The dining room has a certain clubbiness about it," states The Austin Chronicle writer Brandon Watson. Lots of wood, dark gray walls, and "Danish modern chairs" might have come off as bland had Stella San Jac not added "small touches," like planters and comfy pillows. Yelper Kady W. says it has "a classy feel on the inside." Yelper Jessica S. says, "Fabulous decor, I'm telling you people, this place is uber-chic!" Classy or clubby? Could go either way.

The drinks — Yelper Tasha B. says, "They have a really cool device to make giant ice balls that involves a heavy metal contraption and gravity. Bartenders Farrah and Jordan were quite friendly and drinks were good." Facebooker Farrah Cherie Anderson thinks, "the craft cocktails are well done for this summer heat."

The food — "We found the beet chips and biscuits to be good starters, but the prawn and crab roll softly brought us down from the clouds," from Yelp reviewer Solomon W. are the only disparaging words on the critiques, and that's not even that bad. "The shrimp and crab roll had huge chunks of crab and shrimp and the brioche bun is apparently from a famous NYC bakery," states another Yelper. Watson, from The Austin Chronicle, states, "The menu, from Pennsylvania native Michael Cerrie, takes a more straightforward (if still sophisticated) approach to Southern cuisine than the recent pair of Southern hotspots Olamaie and Fixe."

The hospitality — Watson ends his look at Stella San Jac with, "And the hospitality, always a strong point of hotel dining, will ensure even the most curmudgeonly diner has a good experience." Yelper Solomon W. gives a shout-out to his waiter, "A special shout-out to Memphis; yes, our waiter boasted the name of a city. He catered to our date night desires and was able to keep up with our banter. Perhaps our experience gives evidence to service making a good experience an excellent one."

Stella San Jac

310 East 5th Street, , TX 78701 (512) 792-5648 Visit Website