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Play the Ukulele, Get Free Tacos at Tyson's Tacos

No, really.

Home of the ukulele-for-tacos program.
Home of the ukulele-for-tacos program.
Tyson's Tacos/Facebook

Hungry but broke? If you can play the ukulele, Tyson's Tacos on Airport Blvd. will totally feed you. The taqueria now has a sign posted inside that thoroughly explains the fine details of their ukulele-for-tacos program. (As a poster on Reddit points out, that's certainly one way to make Austin more affordable for musicians.)

Turns out you don't even have to be that musically talented, either — they might just give you food out of pity if you really suck. And if you're really hungry, hopefully you know more than one song, because there's a one-taco-per-tune rule.

If you don't happen to enjoy the sweet sounds of the small Hawaiian guitar, perhaps get those migas tacos and milkshakes to go — you never know when someone will start strumming for their supper.

Tyson's Tacos

4905 Airport Boulevard, , TX 78751 (512) 451-3326 Visit Website