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At Bun Belly, Steamed Buns Reign Supreme

Rounding up the week's reviews.

Bun Belly
Bun Belly
Brooke A./Yelp

Brandon Watson checked out Bun Belly, the "contemporary Vietnamese restaurant" from the owners of Pho Thaison. He was disappointed by a lack of consistency and "the blah atmosphere," but says "when Bun Belly works, it competes with the best cafes in town":

The classics stand out. On a dinner visit, the steamed bun sliders were uniformly excellent. The Beef Belly ($7, two to an order for all buns) and Mekong Belly ($7), though hardly distinguishable from each other in appearance, showed the kitchen's wide range. The bun itself almost floated. The Vietnamese crepe ($8) tatted shrimp and pork into the lacey crisp, adding onions and bean sprouts. The herb selection, integral to the dish, surprised in both its just-picked freshness and variety. I'm not sure if another place in town offers shiso in their mix, but it should be de rigeur.

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Bun Belly

5001 Airport Boulevard, , TX 78751 (512) 358-4101 Visit Website