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Paul Qui Gets Philosophical, Masterchef Casting, and More A.M. Intel

The latest Austin restaurant news tidbits.

Broken Spoke/Facebook

— What will become of the iconic Broken Spoke dance hall? The luxury apartment complex surrounding it has reportedly been sold to a California-based developer; the builder of said apartments elected to construct around it rather than tearing it down, but now it seems the music venue's fate is up in the air.

— Got dreams of TV chef stardom? Masterchef is holding a casting call right here in Austin this Saturday at the Downtown Residence Inn (300 E. 4th). Show up with a dish to impress the judges, but keep in mind you won't be able to do any actual cooking on site; more details here.

— And now, here's the people's champ Paul Qui talking to the Culinary Institute of America about his cooking philosophies. Says Qui: "At the end of the day, I just want the guest to be satisfied, whatever it takes — whether that's a 25-course tasting menu at one of my restaurants or something from my food trucks that's a $5 item."