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Hill-Bert's Burgers on Cameron Road Is BACK

Windsor Park residents embrace the beloved burger pit stop.

Hill-Bert's is new again
Hill-Bert's is new again
Melanie Haupt

This past Friday June 5, go-to burger pit stop Hill-Bert's Burgers on Cameron Road re-opened after a two-year-long closure for remodeling following a kitchen fire. One year ago, Hill-Bert’s closed its Burnet Road location (Dallas-based burger chain Twisted Root took over the space and opened this past April), knocking the beloved 42-year-old locally owned chain down to one shop on West 35th Street. This particular stretch of East Austin, spanning 51st Street to Highway 290, has been bereft of a local hamburger joint since the closure of the last location of Fran’s Hamburgers in May.

"I thought [Hill-Bert’s] was a goner months ago," says Rick Kneck, a resident of Windsor Park. "I don't miss Fran's, but I definitely missed Hill-Bert's."

Eater dropped by on Sunday afternoon to check out the scene. The interior of the restaurant was bedecked with balloons and streamers congratulating recent graduates of nearby Reagan High School, and a few people were enjoying bacon cheeseburgers and baskets of onion rings. The manager on duty reported that business had been steady and that "lots of people have been coming in and telling us how much they missed us."

— Melanie Haupt

Hill-bert's Burgers

5340 Cameron Road, Austin, TX 78723, USA