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Hyatt Hotel Construction Will Alter Red River Bars

Construction begins today.

Cheer Up Charlie's
Cheer Up Charlie's
Bryan Parker/Cheer Up Charlie's/Facebook
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Construction of a new Hyatt House hotel will affect Cheer Up Charlie’s and Mohawk on Red River, as reported by Austin360. The foundation for the 10-story development located at 901 Neches Street must be dug at least 40 feet deep into the ground, which would go into the high rock wall that surrounds the back of Cheer Up Charlie’s. A fence along the wall will also need to be erected, meaning the club’s landscaping and bench will require removal.

Owners Tamara Hoover and Maggie Lea were told that construction will last 18 months. The two were told they would be compensated during the process:

Hoover and Lea said they’ve been told the construction company will replace the plants at the end of the construction period and they are receiving a rent compensation each month for the duration of construction.

Both Cheer Up Charlie’s and Mohawk received notices from the City of Austin Public Works Department about vacating the shared alley where dumpsters are being kept. The porta-potties and fence around Mohawk’s second-floor deck were also cited as being in the way of construction, which would require the club to revamp the area. Mohawk owner James Moody told Austin360 that there was no advance word from any city office. He said,

"There was no neighborhood plan. There was no stakeholder notification [...] There was none of that stuff at all [...] We are shocked. We disagree with the interpretations. The requests are unreasonable and we are confused as to why the neighborhood and its stakeholders have not been informed of these plans until now."

Both places will stay open during construction. Cheer Up Charlie’s relocated to Red River from its East 6th spot in February 2014.

The Mohawk

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Cheer Up Charlie's

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