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Go Inside Texas's Very First Shake Shack

Austin, brace for a Shack Attack.

It's really happening: Shake Shack opens tomorrow in Austin. The new outpost in Lamar Union will be the burger sensation's first store in Texas, and great effort has been made to Austinify their new location. The Austin Shack will feature burgers topped with Kreuz Market sausages, an Uchi-koncrete made with a miso hazelnut blondie, and a slew of local craft brews including Hops & Grain and Austin Eastciders.

Eater photographer Robert J. Lerma goes inside the Michael-Hsu designed space, which features a living green wall by Articulture Designs. The 3,500 square foot space has seating for 79, plus an additional 60 seats on the patio overlooking South Lamar. The chain's focus on sustainable design manifests in the tables made from reclaimed bowling alleys, responsibly sourced wood for the chairs and booths, and an energy efficient kitchen. The light fixtures, inspired by Austin's bats, were also designed by a local artist. In addition to the Lamar Union Shack, a second Austin location is in the works at The Domain.

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1100 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78704 Visit Website