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Chicken Sandwich Drive-Thru Chain Flyrite is Coming to Austin

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Rendering of Flyrite
Rendering of Flyrite
Courtesy of Flyrite
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Austin will get more fried chicken sandwich options when Flyrite opens its drive-thru chain this year, as originally reported by the Chronicle. Eater previously wrote that the chain was originally called Fly Chicken Works. The first location, which will take over the currently-operating Taqueria Arandas on East 7th Street, is projected to debut in November. The second Flyrite is set for 6500 Burnet Road.

Owner Kevin Warden, formerly of sandwich chain Which Which, told Eater that he aims to "disrupt what people expect from a normal drive-thru," with a focus on a "cleaner food movement." He wants Flyrite to embody what he calls "food rules." He explained the food will be "awesome, but we want to abide by rules." Along those lines, he teamed up with barbecue chain County Line chefs Quirino Silva and Dallas Miller to create responsible dishes. That means relying on cage- and antibiotic-free chickens that are vegetarian fed. The team also wants the food to be inclusive of everything, or as Warden explained, "chicken-for-all."

The menu will be "all about the chicken sandwich," Warden said. There will be fried and grilled chicken sandwiches made with bread from New World Bakery and chicken nuggets made with chunks of breast meat. There will even be a gluten free chicken salad wrap. Drinks will include sodas, Cuvee Coffee's nitrogenated cold brew Black and Blue, wine, and local craft beers.

To create the look of Flyrite's elevated drive-thrus, Warden is working with Marlon Blackwell Architects in Arkansas and Austin’s Dick Clark, who has worked on Amy’s Ice Cream, Fino, Dolce Neve, and others. Dine-in and counter service will also be available. He intends on opening more restaurants beyond the two, but there are no definite plans yet.

Taquerias Arandas

2129 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702 (512) 480-8874