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Ice Cream Sandwich Makers Coolhaus to Shutter Their Austin Trucks

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The company will continue to offer wholesale treats, and might return for SXSW and ACL.

Coolhaus's ice cream sandwich trucks are leaving Austin. Co-founder Natasha Case tells Eater the Los Angeles-based company will shutter their Austin trucks on May 31, though their growing wholesale business means their sandwiches will still be available at local groceries.

The Austin market's relatively small "size and scope" is the company's main reason for the shutter. Case says Coolhaus's two biggest months in Austin are ACL and SXSW, and it is very possible the trucks will return for those two festivals. The trucks will be available for catering until May 31, as will the Midway location, for those who want to get their final fix of their "architecturally-inspired" sandwiches. Coolhaus has two storefronts in the greater Los Angeles area, and operates trucks in LA, New York, and Dallas.