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Beloved Cured Meat Specialist Melvin's Deli Comfort Shutters

They hope to return in a brick and mortar space within the next few years.

Melvin's Trailer
Melvin's Trailer

Popular North Loop food trailer Melvin's Deli Comfort has shuttered, according to The Statesman. Their pastrami was a favorite of critic Matthew Odam as well as many other Austinites, and the owners plan to return in a brick and mortar restaurant space. The details from The Statesman:

Ennis said he closed to spend time with his family, as he and his wife are preparing to welcome a baby girl into the world."My wife and I are looking forward to it and we think it is the right thing to do while our daughter is young," Ennis said in an email.The fire-engine red trailer at 53rd and Duval streets served some of the best pastrami in the city, and Ennis said he is considering coming back to the food world in 2017 or 2018, possibly with a brick-and-mortar restaurant.