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Taco Cannon Feud Erupts Between Austin And Omaha

Fun Fun Fun Fest defends their claim to the taco cannon against a Nebraska arena.

The Fun Fun Fun taco cannon, fired by Killer Mike
The Fun Fun Fun taco cannon, fired by Killer Mike
Nadia Chaudhury/EATX

Alert, alert: Fun Fun Fun Fest wants the world to know they invented the taco cannon, and they've made a dedicated Twitter account to prove it. The Austin-based music festival's claim is threatened by Omaha's Voodoo Taco, who partnered with the University of Nebraska-Omaha to unleash a taco cannon in their spankin' new arena.

While Eater's sister site SB Nation notes Fun Fun Fun got into the taco cannon game first, a number of other media outlets who picked up the story failed to mention the Austin-based music festival's contribution, prompting the festival to take to Twitter to defend Austin's honor.

This is not actually Fun Fun Fun Fest's first taco cannon feud. The festival accused former vendor Torchy's Tacos of stealing their taco cannon concept, prompting Torchy's to release a "battle cry" response video scorching the festival for claiming ownership over the world's most delightful weapon.