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Micklethwait's Craft Deli Trailer Joins Their Meat Caravan

Romanouskas' Delicatessen will open in a yet-to-be-determined space.

Romanouskas's Delicatessen
Romanouskas's Delicatessen

Austin, Texas now boasts its very own caravan of carnivorous food trailers, and for that the city should forever be grateful. Barbecue-focused Micklethwait Craft Meats is very close to opening their new deli-trailer: Roumanouskas' Delicatessen. The artist behind Micklethwait's distinctive look, Kenneth Holland, has painted the new trailer as well.

According to The Chronicle, the trailer is still in search of a location, and should open in early June. Tom Micklethwait previously told Eater the trailer will focus on cured and smoked meats created with collaborator Bobby Lovelet. Instagrammed dishes include a prime beef pastrami and brisket kreplach.

Artwork by the ultra talented @dutchslavetrade who also did the art for the @craftmeats trailers

A photo posted by Romanouskas Delicatessen (@craftdeli) on

Brisket kreplach

A photo posted by Romanouskas Delicatessen (@craftdeli) on

Micklethwait Craft Meats

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