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Via 313's Oak Hill Pizzeria is So Very Close to Opening

Get ready for Detroit-style pies and an expanded menu.

Via 313's trailer at Craft Pride
Via 313's trailer at Craft Pride
Via 313/Facebook

The long-awaited brick and mortar location of Via 313 is finally gearing up to launch. The Detroit-style pizzeria in Oak Hill will compliment their two trucks in central Austin, and they'll serve beer, wine and an expanded menu including bar pie.

The restaurant is currently hiring for all positions at their new location, and they've even taken out advertising at the local ball field. Owners Zane and Brandon Hunt did not respond to an inquiry about the opening date, but April 29 has been floated on Twitter. Here's a rundown of relevant Instagrams -- pizza boxes! Founders Brewing! -- as the pizzeria enters into their home stretch.

Just going to leave this here for you

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Our new banner at the Oak Hill baseball fields. Opening soon!

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Via 313 [Rainey]

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