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P. Terry's Serves The Greatest Chain Burger in Austin, According to Readers

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Results of Eater's hyper-scientific poll are in.

P. Terry's Burger
P. Terry's Burger
P. Terry's/Facebook

For all of Austin's obsession over barbecue and breakfast tacos, a casual observer might assume it's not a burger town. But with several quality home-grown chains and an ever-expanding roster of out-of-state imports, burgers are a major staple, and a major source of contention.

For Eater's Burger Chain Power Hour, readers weighed in to settle the eternal question: what is the greatest (semi-regional) chain burger in Austin? Coming in with 22% percent of the vote is winner P. Terry's, the locally built burger chain with ten locations around Austin. Hopdoddy gets 18% of the vote, and both Mighty Fine and Whataburger garner 12%, proving yet again that Austin loves to keep it local, or at least Texan.

P. Terry's

404 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704 (512) 473-2217 Visit Website