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Try Bufalina And Via 313's Burger-Pizza Mashups For Burger Week

A Detroit-style burger pizza and a cheeseburger calzone await.

Exclusively for Burger Week 2015, Eater Austin invited our two favorite pizzerias (and Eater 38 members) to create burger-inspired specials. Meet Via 313's burger pizza and Bufalina's cheeseburger calzone, available this week only.

The Special: A Detroit-style burger pizza
Where: Via 313 at both Violet Crown Social Club and Craft Pride
The Details: The pizza features 4 hand pressed slider patties, gorgonzola, onions, pickled tomatoes, arugala, and Sriracha aioli

The Special: Cheeseburger Calzone
Where: Bufalina
The Details: Owner Steven Dilly describes the special as: "a calzone stuffed with beef picadillo, red onion, mozzarella, sharp cheddar, and topped with tomato, a fontina and Calabrian chili queso, and a mustardy, tangy 'secret sauce.'"