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Negronis at Gelateria Gemelli; The Gilmores on Ending Hunger; More

Uchiko gets a new chef de cuisine.

Gelateria Gemelli's gelato and Negroni
Gelateria Gemelli's gelato and Negroni
Gelateria Gemelli/Instagram

BOOZE WIRE — In honor of Gelateria Gemelli’s opening, the gelato shop is offering $5 Negronis all week. [EaterWire]

CHARITY WIRE — Jack and Bryce Gilmore wrote an op-ed in today's Statesman about the groundbreaking of the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas in East Austin and the fight to end hunger. [Statesman]

ROSEDALE — Uchiko’s Sterling Ridings was promoted from sous chef to chef de cuisine today. Ridings previously worked at Uchi, Parkside, and Foreign & Domestic. [EaterWire]


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