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Customer Shot Dead in Don Dario’s Parking Lot

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Don Dario's
Don Dario's
Don Dario's/Facebook

A man was shot dead in Dan Dario’s parking lot in South Austin on Saturday evening on  March 28. As reported by KEYE, the victim, Manuel Trejo, and his family were dining in the Tex Mex restaurant celebrating his niece’s birthday when they encountered a traffic jam in the parking lot as they were trying to leave. Austin Police sergeant Jerry Bauzon said in a press conference yesterday:

"It was a long night, they were frustrated they were trying to all leave," he explained. The frustration then boiled over. "The victim, who is Mr. Trejo, exited his vehicle and approached Mr. [Jacques] Garcia in his Mustang and then they had a verbal argument. Garcia exited his vehicle and the verbal argument escalated into the physical altercation resulting in the shooting."

Alleged shooter Garcia fled the scene and was later arrested in his home. He is being charged with first degree murder and evading arrest.

Don Dario's

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