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Executive Chef Alexis Chong is OUT at Sway

No word yet on her future plans.

Alexis Chong
Alexis Chong

Executive chef Alexis Chong and Sway have "parted ways," according to a rep for the restaurant. The Thai restaurant is currently hiring for a new executive chef, and Violet Crown's director of culinary development Scotty Szekretar is temporarily running the kitchen. Here's the full statement from Sway:

Sway and Chef Alexis Chong have parted ways and we wish her the best in future endeavors. Chef Scotty Szekretar, currently Director of Culinary Development, has jumped back into the kitchen as Executive Chef in the interim as we look for Sway's next Executive Chef. The current culinary team at Sway is extremely skilled, and will continue knocking out amazing services, building up talented young chefs, and compelling guests to return for the experience we all know and love.

Chong was promoted at Sway after Rene Ortiz's departure in summer of 2013, making her one of Austin's few female executive chefs. Eater has reached out to Chong about her next move; watch this space for updates.


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