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Franklin Barbecue is Transforming Their Old Trailer Into a Takeout Window

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The new ordering system will launch this spring.

Franklin Barbecue's original trailer
Franklin Barbecue's original trailer
Ryan Schierling/Franklin Barbecue/Facebook

Franklin Barbecue will make a major change to their legendary line in the near future: a takeout window. Franklin will repurpose their original trailer to serve smoked meat hounds (and, presumably, delivery service employees) who want their brisket to go.

Eater National's Hillary Dixler spoke with Aaron Franklin about his upcoming cookbook and asked the famously anti-expansion pitmaster about any future plans.

"I think the only expansion that we'll see is reopening our old trailer," Franklin said. "We're working on that, to get that finished by the end of the month [of March]. That will be for to-go orders, so we can shorten the line. That's what I'm working on right now, rebuilding that thing. As far as expansions in the near future, I would say, no. As far as expansion in the distant future, I would also have to say no. There is no way, no how, we'll ever do another location, or franchise, or any of that kind of stuff. We're pretty much just going to maintain what we've got."

Eater Austin reached out to Franklin for more specifics on when the trailer might launch, and he says the date is still unclear. When asked whether there will now be two Franklin Barbecue lines, Franklin said they're still working out "the kinks" of the logistics. The potential trailer revival Franklin first floated with KUT last summer. The restaurant also recently invited a coffee trailer to pop up on site.

— Hillary Dixler contributed to this report

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