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Mysterious East Austin Pizza Project Requires Snapchat Applications

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Pizzabelli will be a new "upscale" pizza restaurant somewhere in East Austin.

Snapchat/Facebook; Shutterstock

A forthcoming pizza restaurant with a minimal internet footprint is using Snapchat to hire staff, according to a Craigslist posting. Pizzabelli encourages potential hosts and bartenders to contact them exclusively via the app, using the username "hiredinasnap." The posting invites potential applicants to, "tell us what you love about pizza, italy, food, whatever it is, just try to show us a little bit of who you are. We want every customer that walks in our door to be met with a great first impression."

Pizzabelli bills itself as an East Austin pizza concept "with what will be the largest selection of toppings, crust, prosecco and Italian cocktails in the country." Eater has reached out via Snapchat for more details, including their location. Watch this space for updates.